York House London Wedding Photography | Laura & Matt

I couldn’t have been more excited for Laura & Matt’s wedding at York House because it also meant a beautifully autumnal cruise up the river Thames for drinks and a relaxed private dinner at The Ivy Tower Bridge.

I’m not ashamed to admit that capturing their day made me a bit more giddy than I should have been because Laura & Matt are gorgeously tall. Hear me out…I know that sounds slightly nuts BUT as a lofty 5’11 and a half myself (can you believe they did me out of half and inch??!!!), it means I’m way taller than most. When I first met Laura & Matt, it was like I’d had an unknown Bucket List moment crossed off because they stand at 6ft 2″ and 6ft 8″!!! Yipeee, I’d finally found a couple so much taller than me that it was funny to be the smallest…for once!!!

They were the most fun and giggliest two that I’ve had the pleasure to capture, and they were alway ready to play with my peculiar requests for a shot. Laura’s South American heritage came out in bounds with a free, fun loving persona always at the ready to dance at the top deck of the boat at a moment’s notice. Matt’s contrasting English humourous but quiet tendencies complimented perfectly. I remember Matt tenderly teasing Laura at the Enlgish pronunciation of her name that she’d given the registrar (she’s known more as the Hispanic ‘L-oww-ra’ rather than the English ‘Law-ra’) which confused us all, not least of all me as we have the same spelling…I slipped up a few times…I was graciously forgiven by my name sister, of course! Here’s more from their day…