Figaros & Sunsets Wedding at Notley Tythe Barn – Diane & Gary

‘Laura’s relaxed and natural style immediately grabbed us and suited our rustic/vintage barn wedding perfectly. We met Laura before the wedding and both of us walked away feeling so reassured that we’d picked the best photographer for our day. Her experience and suggestions were really appreciated and felt more like chatting to a friend during planning! Guests, friends and family were all very impressed with her and the way she quietly captured the special moments throughout the day without realising. The photos we received were better than we could have hoped for and loved the way they were presented to us. Laura was fun, personal, intuitive and we’d highly recommend her!!’
~ Diane & Gary

Diane and Gary had a gorgeous autumnal day set for their wedding day at Notley Tythe Barn and I couldn’t wait! Not only is autumn one of my favourite times of the year to shoot, but they also has these two awesome little additions to boot….namely baby blue and mint green Nissan Figaros!
Diane and the girls all got ready at the couple’s home. I admittedly always get a bit excited when a dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time on her wedding day. There’s always a slight awkwardness, an anticipation, a pressure that maybe he should react in a certain way as ‘the done thing’. In fact, although there are a range of emotions as you would expect, ultimately I only ever see a look of absolute pride and I see it even in the most stiffed-lipped of dads! Diane’s dad didn’t disappoint and each frame warmed me from the depths and made me well up – his was one of my favourite ‘dad moments’!
Arriving at Notley Tythe Barn, Gary and his groomsmen greeted guests before taking their places for Diane’s arrival….except Diane was running late. She left on time and at the time same as I did, but it transpires the white taxi wedding car had a bit of a large malfunction on the way through country lanes. Much to her relief, an unknown knight-in-shining-Land-Rover came to Diane’s rescue and unwittingly became her wedding chauffeur. Gosh, I love lovely people!
Gary soon got to see is bride and what an emotional groom he was! What also echoed for me was the family’s love of homemade touches throughout with them making their table decorations, Diane’s mum making the soft teal bridesmaid’s dresses and Gary’s mum making the all important wedding cake. Of course, a special mention has to go to Gary’s dad, a huge enthusiast in Nissan Figaros and these were his pride and joy. I’m a big advocate of making your day personal and I’ll always be throwing my pom-poms in support of that!
Diane and Gary are such a wonderful couple and they were such fun to work with. They even pandered to my excited-ness when sunset beckoned and we were soon darting up the country lane with Diane’s heels in hand and into a field to capture the pretty! Awesome day of love!