Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips
Gather all your details before the day starts so I can photograph them quickly! This makes the getting-ready portion of the day so by much more smoothly, and it allows me to spend more time focusing on the spontaneous moments when everyone is together.
Here is a list to jog some ideas: ring, jewellery, hair pieces, flowers, shoes, socks, cufflinks, letters, pictures, gifts, cultural items, invitations, order of the day, printed pieces, and any unique items you’ve put thought into!
Little Details Count!
Some of my couples’ favourite images from their wedding day end up being the details shots that are taken throughout the day. Details help tie everything together and tell the story of behind-the-scenes moments.
Think about getting a wooden hanger for your outfits. They photograph well and are great keepsakes for years to come.
Remember to relax and enjoy the day!