Warren House Wedding Photography | Monica & Ben

‘Laura not only really listened to what we wanted but totally over delivered on the day, from working with the venue, making sure we kept to all our timings to managing to capture a perfect mixture of candid beautiful moments and posed family portraits. She had our back the whole time! The photos are stunning, and they even arrive in the sweetest packaging, that we’ve kept to store other wedding mementoes. Trusting Laura with our wedding photos was one of the best decisions we ever made!’
~ Monica & Ben

I love Monica, Ben and their flipping great guests! I mean, I love all of my clients naturally but these two are pretty fab. And no, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Ah ha, but what about not-so-nice-ones?’…I have honestly not had any!
Anyways, I’m going off course…Monica and Ben married at The Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon and chose the elegant surroundings of Warren House in Surrey for their wedding reception and general all round knees up. It. Was. Gorgeous.
They had a vision of ‘fizz, elegance and fun’ and their wedding day managed it all so effortlessly and with buckets of emotion too. Monica’s mum was THE most excited mum ever. Bridesmaids were weepy A LOT which just shows how much they adore Monica. The sweetest flowergirl even got a kiss on the hand from the ‘princess’ bride (Monica obvs! Scroll to see her reaction). And let’s not forget Ben’s Groomsmen who were so super dedicated that they created their own ‘boy band’ (yup, on the day rehearsal included), so they could lead the entire wedding party into a proper sing song! They had guests from all over the world there and even with the cutest Portuguese grandparents, language barriers were no problem. Ben had even learnt Portuguese for his speech which was both heartwarming and impressive!
I have to give a little nod to another special someone there that day. Jan, Ben’s dad was not only so infectiously happy with a cracking sense of humour, but he danced that dance floor like nobody was watching (scroll down, the braces shot still makes me beam)! And I knew why at the time – it was to be one of his last. Jan sadly passed away just 8 months later. Ben’s unexpected message to let me know touched my heart so profoundly that it still makes me tearful whenever I read it…’We were talking about how much dad enjoyed the whole day. I know he really loved the interactions with you and thought I’d say thank you again. The lovely photos you took that day have extra significance now and its great that we have them to cherish.’
I’ve battled ever since this sad news as to whether or not to talk about it here but the message is real. My job isn’t one of quick snaps. It’s one that captures jigsaw puzzle pieces of your day. Pieces that each evoke a memory, gives you an experience. It’s one that captures those you love in all their glory and reminds of just how awesome they were when they’re no longer by your side.
Every wedding is such a riot of emotion and so joyous. This post is very much a happy one and I can’t stress that enough. Granted, one that’s tinged with unfortunate sadness. But hopefully one that might give you a kick up the butt to not sweat the small stuff. It’s not the first many will have read this, but it’s certainly food for thought…
“None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”  – Nanea Hoffman
‘Make your life spectacular. I know I did.’ – Robin Williams
Church: The Sacred Heart Church Wimbledon
Venue: Warren House
Videography: Moon & Back