Kate & Adam

My favourite person ever! You know that old adage that says; ‘Always go with your instincts’? This also applies to wine, and (with a bit of help from Google and Hitched) lead me to Laura. It was a bit of the wand chooses the wizard moment, and I’m so glad I followed my instincts by picking her for our wedding. Laura put us at ease with her friendliness and her love of naturally posed photos. She took two people who were quite camera uncomfortable and made it so relaxed. Laura even let me gurn to my hearts content and didn’t tell me off! The resulting photo’s were absolutely stunning, prompting lots of crying from me and my Mum who stills sighs whimsically at how perfect the day was. It wouldn’t have been as magical without Laura and knowing just how to get the best out of everyone there. In summary; The most beautiful photos. The friendliest, most supportive advice. The funnest and funniest photographer. Beautifully designed wedding albums. I can’t praise her enough, or describe how much we love her. I’m off to sob at my beautiful wedding album again!