St Leonard’s Church & Tipi Wedding, Waterstock | Rachael & Seb



At one point, Seb and I had a happy tear together too but more on that later. So many happy memories that totally make me gush about this wedding!

The day began a Rachael’s parents’ house where it was a hive of activity of hair dos, makeup amazing-ness, an impressive loud yellow tartan waistcoat, an old Irish wolfhound lazily spread across the thoroughfare and me trying with all my might not to lay on the floor with him for cuddles…it was all glorious to be honest! Rachael was just in the middle of all of this beaming – she looked so serene and beautiful. ‘Oh Seb…just you wait’, I thought. I couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw her. I knew he was so so excited for this day.

Whilst I captured bridal preparations, my amazing second photographer, Greg, looked after Seb and his groomsmen before heading for a rainy walk to St Leonard’s Church in Waterstock. What a beautiful church too!

Before long, we were all at the church and Rachael did that all important aisle walk and yes, Seb’s face was an absolute picture and even made me quite emotional too!

When we first met, Rachael and Seb said their wedding day would have a strong Scottish-countryside-festival feel complete with a tipi, purple tweed, tartan, a bag piper, a ceilidh and a grandad who was likely to be on the Jagerbombs! Oh and it would be fun above all!

I’ll be honest – I just loved Rachael and Seb’s vibe from the start regardless and I knew it would be awesome because they were.

I wasn’t wrong!

Even a huge downpour of rain couldn’t dampen this summer wedding day – in truth, even that came at the perfect time. Everyone cosied up in the tipi to have dinner while it passed and when it did, we had a beautiful evening. It was the perfect time to steal Rachael and Seb away for some more portraits that we could have fun with. These two are joyously playful and I love this so much about them – even wild grass fencing was a thing!

Rachael’s dress soaked up all the raindrops from the meadow we were in and it didn’t phase her one bit. She practiced her first dance with Seb like they were at their first school disco (it was a be there moment!) and wrung our her dress before tying it in a huge knot and adorning it with coloured ribbons from the chair backs in time for the main dance floor.

Their ceilidh was absolutely bonkers and the energy was infectious – I sooo wanted in but capturing it all was the most important part! A cranachan bar helped fuel weary feet into the next dance and a whiskey bar allowed guests to sample a wee dram or few! This is where I found a very sweaty but happy Seb with his tie around his head and soles of his shoes barely attached to his kilt shoes from all the dancing.

It was at this moment, we both looked over at Rachael still happily dancing and Seb simply exclaimed these few words, ‘Just. Look. At. Her!’. We both looked at each other and we both had the happy tears, followed by a massive hug. It was a moment for me, that I’ll never forget – the happiness was just incredible and I couldn’t be more happier for this cracking pair.

Their day was an absolute dream to capture and totally delivered in every way a wedding should – full of love, laughter and fun. It exuded beauty without even trying. Every inch of their wedding was unashamedly ‘them’.
It made me smile from ear-to-ear all day and it was the perfect tonic everyone there needed after being holed up in a pandemic.

See, I told you I’d gush about it! I would honestly go on and on about Rachael and Seb’s day but I’m going to let these images do the talking…

If you’re planning a tipi wedding full of gorgeous, let’s talk!