Maleeha & Sohail – Proposal

Brighton Sussex

‘I’m planning on proposing to my girlfriend in Brighton soon. And wanted a photographer to capture the moment.’ – Sohail   So, we did exactly that! Sohail had arranged to take Maleeha to their favourite place, The Brighton Pavilion before having a seaside walk to the bandstand, somewhere that is particularly meaningful to these two. With some prior sneaky planning between Sohail and I to make sure we got the perfect moment, he was soon on one knee proposing to a very surprised but over-the-moon Maleeha!   After the initial shock, we incorporated a little Brighton engagement shoot too which was so lovely because it meant I got to capture that pure emotion and excitement as Maleeha took in exactly what had just happened!

We all chatted excitedly about how it was all planned, even about Sohail almost being rumbled by the Pavilion’s security for having an unknown object (the ring) in his pocket. Crisis was averted by quick thinking Sohail and a kind guard!

I loved spending time with these two who were so much fun! The adrenaline always pulsates as a proposal photographer as you stay as ninja as possible but still capturing those memories that will last a lifetime. Just lovely!