Kate & Adam’s Autumnal Beach Wedding at The Gallivant

Favourite Kate Quote #1: ‘I DON’T THINK I’VE BEEN SO EXCITED BEFORE FOR PHOTOS! THIS IS BETTER THAN THE 24 HR DEVELOPING YOU USED TO GET FROM BOOTS!!’ Where do I even begin with Kate & Adam? It sounds like I’m having a groan from the off but honestly, it’s more because I LOVE these two humans and I would shoot their day over and over again in a heart beat. Much like children, I probably shouldn’t have favourites but these two do make the list…come on, I’m human! With a beach, vintage nod and wild flowers promised, there was no doubt that I just had to be there…and there I was! Kate & Adam are super outdoorsy and so The Gallivant in East Sussex was an absolute must for their wedding day. I wish I’d known about The Gallivant when arranging our own wedding, it’s just so laidback, beachy, boutique, has the most delicious food and the staff are super lovely too. It has to be another favourite for me – I just love shooting this venue! Kate looked the epitome of vintage bride in a low back, sleeved lace gown complimented by personalised Converse trainers, back necklace, vintage updo hair and wild beach inspired bouquet. Adam and his groomsmen wore navy three-piece suits and brown shoes, keeping that nod to nautical blue and beachy surroundings. The couple married with personalised vows which were mostly dry-witted but full of love, laughter and tears, but also very true to how the couple are naturally. Now, there’s always that odd bit in a ceremony where the registrars are doing their formalities bit and guests start getting a bit twitchy and restless. Unless you’re Kate and Adam’s guests who decided to throw an impromptu Mexican wave across the room – I could tell this was going to be a cracking party! One of the coolest things about marrying  at The Gallivant is that the drinks reception is held on the beach among the sand dunes which is just the coolest thing ever! Guests get to explore the dunes, nibble at rustic canapes with sand between their toes and roll their trousers/frocks up for a paddle in sea. The best bit for me is that we also get to do photos here too and it’s just so gorgeous to capture there. Kate and Adam weren’t huge fans of the mighty camera by their own admission, but it’s important for me to make it lots of silly fun to make everyone feel at ease. Kate felt so relaxed that she unleashed the gurn on several occasions! Favourite Kate Quote #2: ‘Laura even let me gurn to my hearts content and didn’t tell me off!’ Dinner soon beckoned and after a Crap Raffle (ask me about this when we meet – I had this at my wedding too and it was awesome!), I was keen to take Kate and Adam back to the dunes for some golden hour shots. The skies were looking a bit on the wrong side of dark grey, they’d just had dinner and a steep sandy hillock threatened to defeat us, but Mitch Matthews (esteemed DJ extraordinaire) muttered the immortal words…’She who dares, Rodders…’ (Only Fools and Horses style) and with those wise words the three of us pelted it full steam to the dunes. The photos will do the talking on what we captured, so keep scrolling! Kate and Adam’s wedding day was one of the funnest and funniest days I’ve ever shot. They were such a fun couple with a sense humour that literally had me belly laughing all day and who doesn’t love a good ol’ side aching belly laugh, huh? My Favourite Kate Quote #3: I’m off to sob at my beautiful wedding album again. Venue: The Gallivant Flowers: Café des Fleurs DJ: Mitch Matthews