Jodie and Sam’s Chilled Chidham Barn Wedding

Hey folks, get ready for a down-to-earth tale of love, laughter, and a whole lot of moves – it’s Jodie and Sam’s wedding day at the rustic Chidham Barn in Chichester. Buckle up, because this isn’t your average wedding – it’s a real-deal, outdoorsy celebration that had me capturing away with a big ol’ grin on my face!

Unveiling the Canvas: Chidham Barn, the Perfect Backdrop

Right out of the gate, Jodie and Sam declared their wedding to be all about good vibes, laughs, and some serious dance moves. Chidham Barn, a chill, family-run spot, was the perfect backdrop for their special day. Think simple, thoughtful, and completely ‘them’ – every photographer’s dream gig!

Giggles Galore: A Ceremony Beneath the Stretch Tent

Their ceremony took place beneath a stretch tent in the paddock, surrounded by fields that stretched for miles and with Pimms in hands. No stiff vibes here – just laughs, love, and maybe a bit of a breeze tousling everyone’s hair. I was there to capture it all, giggles included.

A Riley Revival: Sam’s Grandad, The Legend Lives On

Now, let’s talk about Sam’s very wonderful grandad at the grand age of 96! Back in the day, he was a speedster, tearing up the tracks in a Riley motor car in Monte Carlo. Fast forward to the big day, and Jodie and her dad roll up in a spitting image of that classic Riley (which is a family namesake too!). Talk about a family legacy! Oh, and let’s not forget grandad’s epic moustache – a true legend lives on!

Laid-Back Vibes: Fun, Laughter, and Unexpected Antics

The day unfolded just as Jodie and Sam wanted – easygoing, full of friendly faces, and sprinkled with unexpected moments. The dance floor was like a magnet, drawing in everyone who heard the music. Garden games, including the classic hook-a-duck, kept guests grinning, and a massive firepit turned into the ultimate chill spot as the evening cooled down.

Golden Hour Magic: Sunset Over the Fields

As the sun dipped low during golden hour, the magic really cranked up. Sunset over the fields, a quiet moment for the newlyweds, and my camera soaking it all in – it was simple, unfiltered perfection.

The Gazelle Moment: Sam’s Playful Leap

And now, for the highlight reel: Picture this (or have a look for it!) – Sam, not the biggest fan of the camera, decides to steal the show. Out of nowhere, he leaps across the setting sun like a rock star, as I’m capturing Jodie looking stunning in her dress. It was a hilarious, unscripted moment that perfectly summed up the fun-loving spirit of these two and definitely one for the memories.

Real Love, Real Laughter: A Photographer’s Dream Come True

In the end, Jodie and Sam’s wedding was never going to be a fairytale wedding – it’s just not who they are! Instead, it was a cracking good time, a snapshot of real love and laughter. As a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a better gig. Here’s to love, laughs, and kicking off forever in the laid-back South Downs of West Sussex!

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