Hendall Manor Barns and Family Farm Wedding Photography | Anna & Max

I’m lucky enough to capture weddings at the most incredible venues and I get to meet super lovely people, not only weddings guests, but other wedding industry peeps too. Anna is no exception and used to be a wedding coordinator at a venue I know well! Having known and worked together at weddings over the years, we’d seen it ALL and she was one of the best! So it was an utterly delightful surprise (because she’s seen soooo many wedding photographers) when I received this…

‘Hi Laura! Are you missing me? Anyway…… I have always dreamed to have you shoot my wedding and I now finally have the ring ??! I would love to have you on my wedding day and Max absolutely loves your style. I know you will make us feel so comfortable and relaxed as you are always up for a laugh!!!’
– Anna

Cripes girl…SIGN ME UP!!!! I was honestly so pleased Anna had emailed me…actually, I lie…I was dead chuffed!

Anna & Max’s wedding day was an absolute treat and it was a real family affair in both preparations and the day itself. The couple married at the beautiful Hendall Manor Barns in East Sussex on a gorgeous summer’s day before heading back to Anna’s family goat farm for the reception….yep, you read me right! Anna’s mum makes the yummiest goats cheese! I couldn’t have been more excited at the thought of a goat-y wedding and they even transformed the main goat shed into their reception venue. I saw the before and after, and it was clear just how much graft had gone into it all…honestly incredible!

The whole day felt beautifully relaxed and rustic…with a hint of goat! The nannies (girl goats!) were grazing safely away from the main barn but I got a little peek to say hello.

Keeping on the family vibe, the stunning floristry was expertly crafted by Max’s very own florist sister, Jodie, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. Jodie also did a reading during the ceremony that had everyone a little teary! Catering was provided by a close family friend who served up authentic family-style paella and naturally, goats cheese made an appearance during the scrummy evening grazing table.

There was so much attention to detail but everything felt so effortlessly relaxed and it truly felt like Anna and Max had made their stamp on their wedding day which I adored so much. Anna has always been an absolute pro!

Massive shout out to the evening music which was the best I’ve seen in a loooonnnng time – head to the bottom as you scroll through this beaut of a wedding and I’ll tell you who they are!

As for this awesome couple…well, they both know I adore them! Both felt entirely comfortable with me which was important to their day and honestly, makes such a difference to the end images. The three of us bantered lots through the day which was a lot of fun and I’m truly humbled that they chose me to capture it all. Just let me know when the vow renewal will be and I’m there!