Le Chateau de Reignac France Wedding Photography | Kate & Steven

Husband: ‘Mooky (one of my many nicknames!), would you like to come and shoot a wedding in the Loire Valley with me?’ Me: ‘Are you completely off your rocker?! What sort of question is that?!! YES, of course…just you try and stop me!’ And, so it was! Chris and I pootled off to France through pretty French villages and fields of sunflowers for what was to be the most stunning wedding of Kate and Steven at Le Chateau de Reignac. I could tell this was going to cause me to have massive wedding envy! The couple hired Le Chateau de Reignac for the entire weekend which meant their friends and family could really settle in and make it home for a few days. I imagined the chateau to quite imposing in grandeur, but it was a perfect in every way. It was oddly smaller outside than I expected, but the interior sprawled into different wings, cubby holes and stairs that took you to unknown places. A chapel was built onto the main body of the house in the 18th century and it has all been lovingly restored over the years by owner Erick who would happily take you on a journey of the chateau’s history. Guests began to arrive on Friday afternoon and were treated to a relaxed, hearty French BBQ in the evening. As we arrived on Saturday morning, the chateau’s beautiful windows and shutters were flung wide open. Many of the wedding party took to sun loungers in the grounds and relaxed under the balmy French sun before heading to their rooms to get glammed up for the wedding. I’m so used to shooting weddings that are an absolute mad frenzy of things going on, that having an uber relaxed wedding was so refreshing, but a bit weird to adjust to…everything was very much on ‘French time’, but I believe, exactly how it should be! Chris & I went off to shoot the bridal preparations and as the room filled, I left Chris to it and went to have more of a stake out of the chateau for photos later in the day. I swooned massively over Kate’s wedding dress…a soft, beautifully beaded Jenny Packham number which she wore with soft gold Kurt Geiger Carvela court shoes and a delicate art deco-style diamante headpiece. Bridesmaids complimented Kate’s look by wearing soft lace dresses in navy and Steven wore a navy jacket and green tartan waistcoat as a nod to his Scottish heritage. After a beautiful ceremony in the chapel taken by the lovely Jean from Celebrants in France, the wedding party relaxed on the lawns with drinks, canapes and shoes kicked off for occasional games of croquet and frisby. Dinner was served by candlelight in the 15th Century vaults beneath the chateau with tables decked out in red and white checked table cloths and summery blooms in blues and yellows. As the wine flowed, Kate & Steve cut their wedding cake and dessert…the mighty croquembouche…Well, I say ‘cut’, but I actually mean a musketeer-style-sword-swipe, as Chris swore blind that was how it was supposed to be done! The result was epic and a lot of fun, not to mention very yummy too! Kate soon donned her comfy Converse trainers for the evening’s dancing and cheeky wedding conga. Sunday came all too quickly and we soon had to leave for our drive back to ol’ Blighty, but what an beautiful weekend we had! Kate and Steven together with their families welcomed us into the fold wonderfully and the whole weekend left us with us with a big French hug and smiles on our faces. I simply can’t wait for the next destination wedding! LEP_0053 LEP_0082 LEP_0094 LEP_0095 LEP_0098 LEP_0111 LEP_0121 LEP_0128 LEP_0129 LEP_0132 LEP_0133 LEP_0140 LEP_0152 LEP_0164 LEP_0168 Kate and Steven-99 LEP_0195 Kate and Steven-114 LEP_0205 LEP_0231 LEP_0269 Kate and Steven-116 LEP_0282 LEP_0310 Kate and Steven-183 LEP_0330 LEP_0352 Kate and Steven-189 LEP_0358 LEP_0360 Kate and Steven-214 LEP_0362 Kate and Steven-215 LEP_0367 LEP_0369 Kate and Steven-222 LEP_0373 Kate and Steven-225 LEP_0381 LEP_0387 LEP_0404 Kate and Steven-236 LEP_0409 Kate and Steven-246 Kate and Steven-249 LEP_0436 LEP_0443 Kate and Steven-278 LEP_0457 LEP_0464 Kate and Steven-293 LEP_0492 LEP_0495 Kate and Steven-312 Kate and Steven-321 LEP_0512 Kate and Steven-339 LEP_0526 LEP_0533 LEP_0536 Kate and Steven-353 LEP_0543 Kate and Steven-356 LEP_0547 LEP_0549 Kate and Steven-360 LEP_0557 LEP_0563 LEP_0568 LEP_0570 LEP_0574 LEP_0582 LEP_0583 LEP_0584 LEP_0590 Kate and Steven-373 LEP_0602 LEP_0606 LEP_0607 LEP_0611 LEP_0613 LEP_0616 LEP_0624 LEP_0628 LEP_0629 LEP_0631 LEP_0632 LEP_0635 LEP_0637 Kate and Steven-421 Kate and Steven-425 LEP_0665 LEP_0667 LEP_0668 Kate and Steven-448 LEP_0686 LEP_0690 LEP_0691 Kate and Steven-476 Kate and Steven-477 LEP_0706 LEP_0708 LEP_0709 LEP_0710 LEP_0715 LEP_0719 LEP_0721 LEP_0729 LEP_0731 LEP_0732 LEP_0735 LEP_0738 LEP_0742 LEP_0750 LEP_0751 Kate and Steven-516 LEP_0757 LEP_0776 Kate and Steven-549 LEP_0786 LEP_0791 LEP_0794 LEP_0803 LEP_0805 LEP_0808 LEP_0810 LEP_0823 LEP_0826 LEP_0839 LEP_0832 LEP_0834 LEP_0838 LEP_0842