The Bull & Willow Room Wedding Photography | Lily & Matt

The End…
‘I’m sobbing as I type this! You just are an amazing photographer and I could have never, ever, ever hoped to have such wonderful photos. You’ve delivered above and beyond what I could ever have wished for. I really can’t express in words how utterly fantastic you’ve been.’

In the beginning…
I’m so pleased Lily & Matt trusted me with their wedding photography because, well, they almost didn’t have a photographer at all! Not because of me, I hasten to add but the mere thought of one made Lily all amounts of stressed! Here’s how our conversation started…

Lily: ‘This is where I admit that I’ll probably be a nightmare to work with…Feel free to back out now!’

Me (in my head): ‘Oh no you don’t, young lady! I love a challenge…let’s get you feeling better about all this!’

Lily: ‘Photography has been one of the things I’ve been absolutely dreading, but you’re so personable that I feel a lot better about it already.’

You see, unless you’re being paid a shed load of money to be in front of the camera, most feel varying levels of awkward/fear in front of the camera for many reasons. I honestly believe that the right wedding photographer will spend time on understanding this and will get you in a much comfier place to help you get amazing images of your day. I promise, that it’s not that scary! Fun fact…I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera at all! But as a result, I have a better understanding of camera-phobes!

Lily and Matt are super outdoorsy types and love nothing better than being with their dogs, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when they told me of their pooch clan. Oh, and that Rupert the Retriever would most definitely be donning a fox bowtie and leading Lily down the aisle…my idea of heaven!

The couple decided on a relaxed, rustic/harvest style with Peter Rabbit touches in Lily’s CUTEST shoes and books amongst table styling, dried flower bouquets, tweed and floral ties for the gents.

Gah! These two were just the loveliest to be with on their wedding day and Lily became a super awesome friend out of it too! Lily & Matt’s wedding day was the loveliest day and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I love what I do and I think everyone deserves beautiful wedding photos. Yes, the camera fear can be really real but if this is you, get to know your photographer, be honest with them from the start and the right one will help you get wedding photography that you’ll love for years to come.

Now, if you have any sense…go scrolling and check out Rupert! Oh, and Lily & Matt’s gorgeous wedding day obviously!