Get to know the girl behind the lens

Get comfy as you browse all about me and my work!

I’m Laura, the owner and chief photo taker of Laura Ellen Photography. I don’t specialise in one particular area of photography, but do tend to work mainly on weddings. I love being able to share in the love of individuals and feel lucky to get to work with such wonderful people each day!

Based in West Sussex, I’ve been shooting weddings for over ten years. When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me at the beach with my husband and our dog, Harvey the Westie or just pootling around our garden. We take total advantage of the gorgeous seaside and countryside every chance we get! There’s never a dull moment in our house!

I met my husband via online dating some years ago…his dodgy profile picture made him look like South Park’s Kenny! As cheese-ville as this sounds, he’s my best mate but he’s also a fabulous photographer too!

I love the simple things in life as the world hurtles by. I love being a big kid with the dog who is our world (scroll down to see our Harvey), fresh bed linen, eyeliner (we’ve been friends a looooong time!), yoga, salsa (of the dancing variety), mustard yellow, 90s RnB/HipHop, sniffing out good cake, watching a movie in our very old local vintage cinema and pyjamas…. I know, I’m so rock’n’roll!

Where did it all start?

I wasn’t the one who came out at birth holding a camera, but photography did find me after a fair few years in the corporate world, photography sparked my sleepy creativity again when my then husband-material-to-be needed a fledgling second photographer. Before long photography became my world and I started documenting weddings to build up my portfolio. In 2011, I started my own business and have never looked back! And yes, my then husband-material-to-be became my fully-fledged-husband on a gorgeous spring day in 2014, so I get how totally bonkers this wedding stuff is!

My Style

I love photographing people who simply love each other love, so it doesn’t matter if you’re just a couple in love, you’ve just had a baby, you’re getting married or you just want some gorgeous photos your family together. After all, for me, relationships are what photography is all about. It’s incredibly rewarding to capture those special moments that unfold naturally, often those missed too and its a privilege to be able to capture that story. And as many as I’ve captured, I still LOVE a wedding and every one of them excites me!

I like to keep my style natural, creative, modern and playful. I also like to mix the old with the new in a relaxed and fun way. I’ll do my best to set people at ease and get everyone really comfortable as I’m naturally friendly, open and honest. Many clients feel like they’ve known me for years – not only does this make me grin from ear to ear and make me all warm and fuzzy, but it also warms people to the camera…

not something most are comfortable with! A lot of the time I’ll be in the background, so you won’t necessarily know I’m there shooting away!! I do take formal shots if you would like them and like to keep the timings of these to a minimum where possible, so I tend to advise 10-15 absolute must-haves. Getting them tied up as quickly as possible means that you can enjoy your day to the maximum, especially as you will find the day will fly by!

I’ve totally got your back if you’re not overly camera comfy either – after all it’s such an important day and it’s important that you feel relaxed with me to get the best out of your shots. Whilst people are an integral part of your day, there is also the detail and effort that you put in to making it beautiful which I’ll capture too – fortunately, I’m a stickler for detail and can really appreciate the love put into it all.